Utah Handpiece Repair – High Speed Handpiece Repairs and Quality Engraving Equipment

Utah Handpiece Repair specializes in quality repairs of high speed dental drills and engravers including NSK Presto, NSK Presto Aqua, Ney Hurricane, Ney Grand Hurricane and others. Located in Spanish Fork, Utah we offer quality repairs with quick turn around times. Most repairs are completed in less than 3 days and all repairs come with a warranty. We stand behind our work.

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New Equipment and Supplies

NSK Presto Handpiece - Carving Tool

Handpiece and Cartridge Repairs

NSK-Presto-Cartridge - Refurbished

Products We Offer:

*All New – Build Your Own Engraving System*

Engraving Kit - Build Your OwnChoose Only the Items you Need!

We Repair these Handpieces:

  • Ney Hurricane (Dentsply)
  • Ney Grand Hurricane
  • NSK Presto (Presto II)
  • NSK Presto Aqua
  • Turbo 300 – Profitable Hobbies
  • GRS Ultra 850 (Same as NSK Presto II)
  • Powercrafter (limited models)


What we offer:NSK Presto Cartridge

  • High Speed Handpiece Repairs, Rebuilds and Replacement Handpieces and  Cartridges
  • Quality Repair Service with Quick Turn Around
  • All repairs include a warranty equal to the manufacturers warranty for new equipment.
  • Quality High Speed Engraving Equipment and Supplies

We repair many different types of pneumatic handpieces including those used for carving, engraving, and even the ones used in dental labs. If you’ve purchased a high speed handpiece from Paragrave, Paragraphics, Profitable Hobbies, Powercrafter, Treeline, SCM, Craft Supplies, GRS, or anyone else, we might be able to rebuild your turbine – SAVING YOU $$$!

Please contact us with the brand and model number and we will let you know if we can repair it.

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