Air Filter / Regulator


Filter – Regulator – Complete Unit  with Air Tubing and Plastic Stand


Complete Air Filter Regulator on Stand – Protect Your Air Tools

A Filter/Regulator is essential if you are operating pneumatic (air) tools. In addition to regulating the air pressure to the desired psi, but a Filter – Regulator also cleans the air (hence the word “Filter”), keeping debris from reaching your tools. The other important function it performs is to remove moisture or liquid from the air before the air reaches your pneumatic tool – such as a high speed engraver or carving tool.


  • Regulates air pressure delivered from your compressor
  • Filters air before it gets to your tools
  • Removes moisture from air – protecting your pneumatic tools
  • Auto Drain Bowl – Automatically releases water collected when psi drops below 18 psi
  • Low Profile Gauge
  • Includes 6′ Clear Tubing – 1/8″ inside diameter x 1/4″ outside diameter
  • Sturdy ABS plastic stand – Easily portable
  • Perfect for Air Driven High Speed Handpieces

**See it in Action – Click on Image Below to Play Video**

*In the video, you will hear the NSK Presto High Speed Carving Tool and our Quiet, Portable Compressor. This is a great setup for high speed engravers and carvers that want to engrave at LIVE events or tradeshows.*

Instructions for using the Filter Regulator:

To set the air pressure:

  • Lift Black Knob so you can see the Orange Ring, then turn to adjust up or down
  • Set air pressure (Lock In) by depressing Black Knob – You will hear it CLICK.
  • NSK recommends 35 psi max when using the NSK Presto

Remember, this is an Auto Drain Bowl – meaning any water accumulated in the bowl will be automatically drained when the air pressure drops below 18 psi. When you first start your compressor, there will be a brief draining until the pressure reaches about 18 psi. Every time the pressure drops below 18 psi, the water will automatically drain from the valve on the bottom of the bowl. When the pressure is above 18 psi, the water will not drain.

***You will notice the pssst sound in the video each time the air pressure is below 18 psi.***

Something to Watch for – If your compressor just “HUMMMMMMS!”

You will notice in the video above the everything works perfect as long as the air is allowed to exit the air hose through the handpiece. When the air hose is disconnected from the regulator before the handpiece “WINDS DOWN” – air is trapped in the compressor hose and the compressor cannot overcome this pressure to start. As soon as the air is allowed to exit (by connecting the compressor hose to the regulator), everything returns to normal and the compressor starts as expected. Always let all the air exit the hose through the handpiece before disconnecting the compressor hose from the regulator.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in
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