NSK Presto Chuck


Replacement chuck for the NSK Presto Cartridge. When the chuck wears out, your cartridge will no longer hold onto the burs tight and the burs may come out of the cartridge during operation.


NSK Presto including Aqua ChuckNSK Presto Chuck for the NSK Presto Cartridge including the NSK Presto Aqua.

Exact replacement chuck for NSK Presto and NSK Presto Aqua dental lab handpieces.

When using friction grip dental burs, it is not uncommon to wear out a chuck over time; especially friction grip chucks like most high speed tools use. Chucks, also knows and collets, are wearable parts that simply will wear out over time as bits are inserted, then removed from the chuck. When your chuck wears out, your cartridge will no longer hold the burs tight and the burs could come out while the handpiece is running. (not good!)

A sure way to tell when your NSK Presto chuck needs replacing is when you press the bur in and you don’t hear a distinctive “CLICK”. Not all other brands CLICK when the bur is inserted, but the NSK Presto models do.

You must hear the “CLICK” in order for the bur to be seated properly in the chuck. If you don’t hear the “CLICK” and you press too hard, you will damage the shaft and need to replace the cartridge.

When your chuck wears out and will no longer hold the burs tight in the cartridge, it’s time to replace it. It’s much cheaper to replace just the chuck instead of the entire handpiece or even the cartridge. (Cheap turbine cartridges do not include removable chucks but most commercial grade dental lab handpieces do. This is something that should be considered when purchasing any high speed handpiece.)


NSK recommends removing the chuck from the cartridge for cleaning and light lubrication on a monthly basis. If you clean and lubricate the chuck monthly and use only high quality burs, your chuck will last a very long time.  (Due to the variation in burs and other factors, chucks do not come with a warranty from NSK or Utah Handpiece Repairs. Please follow all recommendations)

Here’s a video on how to replace the NSK Presto Chuck

Additional information

Weight0.02 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

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