NSK Presto Cartridge – Refurbished


Refurbished NSK Presto Cartridge for your NSK Presto Dental Handpiece.


  • Refurbished replacement cartridge for your NSK Presto Dental Drill.

Utah Handpiece Repair is offering refurbished NSK Presto Cartridges to save you money over buying new.

These refurbished cartridges have been rebuilt with new bearings, washers and o-rings.

Because they have been used before, the body of the cartridge may show a little wear or have a mark or two on it.

All refurbished NSK cartridges are tested and backed by a 90 day limited warranty. (The same warranty as a new NSK Cartridge!)

NSK Recommends

  • No oil/lubrication
  • Recommended operating pressure is max. 35 psi.
  • Use light hand pressure while operating – let the speed do the work.
  • Remove, Clean and Lightly lubricate the chuck every 30 days

Did you Know?  Utah Handpiece Repair  also offers NEW NSK Presto Cartridges and NSK Presto Cartridge Rebuilds (send in your cartridge for us to rebuild).

Here’s how to Install a New Cartridge in your NSK Presto Handpiece

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in
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