NSK Presto Cartridge – New

Original price was: $189.95.Current price is: $179.95.

New NSK Presto Cartridge for the Presto High Speed Handpiece by NSK America. Factory NSK replacement turbine including new chuck and 90 day warranty.


New NSK Presto Cartridge for the NSK Presto High Speed Handpiece

This is an exact factory replacement NSK Presto Cartridge for your Presto Dental Drill made by NSK.

It comes complete with everything assembled and ready to go.

Simple unscrew your old cartridge, remove the O-ring from inside the handpiece, and twist on this new cartridge.

Recommended operating pressure is 35 PSI. We recommend using a quality filter/regulator with your NSK Presto.

Here’s how to Install Your New Cartridge – Play Video

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 1 in
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