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How to Replace the Chuck in the NSK Presto Handpiece***NSK Presto Chuck Replacement PDF Download***

The videos above explain almost everything about the NSK Presto Handpiece. However, if you prefer written instructions on how to replace the chuck, you can download the PDF above or click on the image to the right to enlarge.

Here is all you need to know about maintenance of the NSK Presto:

  • 35 psi maximum
  • No oil
  • Use light hand pressure, let the speed do the work
  • Clean the chuck once a month and lightly lubricate (I use denatured alcohol to clean and lubricate the chuck) – Do not lubricate the bearings!
  • Use a good Filter Regulator to clean and regulate air before it reaches the handpiece – do not allow water to reach the handpiece.
  • If you use your NSK Presto enough that it needs repair or rebuild – Contact Utah Handpiece Repair – We repair and rebuild most items we sell.

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